Pucker up Chicago for the Great Global Kiss-in

Gay Kiss1.jpg

Last year Cloudgate, aka The Bean, was the site of Chicago's edition of the Nationwide Kiss-in - if you missed it then get ready to pucker up for the Great Global Kiss-in this weekend!

Last years news was dotted with several cases of gay couples being harrassed, arrested and attacked for merely expressing their love.

Shouldn't everyone be allowed to kiss?  Kissing isn't a bad thing, it's not obscene, vulgar or inappropriate - is it?  In fact, it's a beautiful thing, I love kissing and I'm sure you love kissing too!  And sometimes I like to kiss my sweetie when we're out, so shouldn't we be able to kiss anywhere?  Now its your chance to grab your partner, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your husband, your wife and show the world that it's ok to Kiss.

Head to Millennium Park and meet up with other queers at 3PM on Saturday for two "scheduled" kisses at 3:30 and 4PM.  Come on, pucker up!

---> Check the Facebook page for full details

Next week, May 17th-23rd is SSHH Week (Same-Sex Hand Holding Week) so lock lips and then proudly hold your sweethearts hand!


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