No booze at Osterman Beach this year

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It looks as though we'll have to wait a bit longer to drink the sweet nectar of the gods at Hollywood (Osterman) Beach a little bit longer.
I got a chance to speak with a representative at 48th Ward Alderman Mary Ann Smith's office the other day to ask about the opening of the new comfort station and the new liquor license.  For now it's not good news on either side.
The new comfort station originally had an opening date scheduled for this weekend,  it appears as though the opening date has been pushed back to July 2nd - just in time for our next big beach holiday - and probably when we'll need it the most.
Construction has been ongoing since early in the year and progressing smoothly but there's still a lot to do.  Within the past few weeks they've started on the front ADA stairs that lead down to the beach and just this week started pouring cement for a new road leading to the station from the bike path - but there's lots of work to do still.
News on the liquor license front isn't good either - click through for more details.

The great news is that a concessionaire has been selected and is in the process of getting set up in the new comfort station.  It will be nice to grab a bite to eat at the beach instead of having to bring it with us - or go home to eat.  

The good news is that the city approved additional liquor licenses for locations on the lake and Osterman Beach is one of those locations.  The not so good news is that there won't be liquor sales at the beach this year - we'll have to wait another year.  
Even though the city granted licenses to new locations the application to receive that license still needs to take place and based on an earlier report in the Redeye that process can still take a lot of time.  So you've got one more year of mixing drinks at home and smuggling them to the beach - you've been doing it this long, what's another year?
It's going to be a cool but wonderful weekend - I wonder if I'll see any of you at the Beach?

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