Thee Mayor decree tho speaketh like Shakespeare today


Photo Credit: ell brownvia Flickr CC

Fear not thee fair citizens of Chicago. Thou ears doth not deceive the for the Mayor of our fair hamlet hath declared that today we shall all speaketh as William Shakespeare did-eth.
Ok, enough of that!  But today has been declared 'Talk Like Shakespeare Day' by 'Da Mayor himself, in celebration of the Bard's 446th Birthday.  Boy that's a lot of candles that I would not want to blow out.
On April 23, Daley encourages citizens to "let boldness be thy friend and celebrate Shakespeare by vocal acclamation of his words."
In addition,  Tony Award-winning Chicago Shakespeare Theater will be honoring the occasion by sending Shakespeare look-alikes throughout the city to entreat Chicagoans to speak his speech "trippingly off their tongues". One lucky everyday thespian will win two round-trip flights to London courtesy of American Airlines and tickets to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. 
S be-eth on the lookout-eth for stray Williams crossing thy path today, thouest may win!

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