Study shows older LGBT adults more likely to live in poverty

A new report from Movement Advancement Project and SAGE has recently been released that shows that 'contrary to stereotypes, LGBT elders are more likely to live in poverty, face social and community isolation, and lack appropriate health care and long-term care.'
Even though none of us want to admit it, we are all growing older and will eventually become the senior citizens of the LGBT community - it's been happening for eon's and we're not going to stop it.
So it's important that you set yourself up for longterm care as you get older.  Whether that is setting up an IRA, contributing to your 401(k) at work or setting a little money away every week for your retirement - it all adds up. 
There are many other struggles to overcome though as you age and the study points out some of the issues that specifically surround members of the LGBT community.  If you are a senior you should check out the Center on Halsted who has a very active SAGE community.
Click through to read highlights from the study and a link to download the full report.
From the abstract:
From the abstract:
Most Americans already face challenges as they age, but LGBT older adults have the added burden of a lifetime of stigma; familial relationships that generally lack legal recognition under the law; and unequal treatment under laws, programs and services designed to support and protect older Americans. The report examines the unique barriers and disparities faced by LGBT elders and offers practical solutions. The report examines three areas of particular difficulty for LGBT elders.

1. LGBT elders are less financially secure. 

2. LGBT elders find it more difficult to achieve good health and healthcare. 

3. LGBT elders are more likely to face social isolation. 

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