Equality Illinois Springfield Lobby Day [PHOTO GALLERY]

Springfield, IL - State Capitol Building

Last week Equality Illinois sponsored a Lobby Day in Springfield that took several dozen civil lobbyists to Springfield to speak to our Representatives and Senators.

Equality Illinois organized four buses from across the state to bring as many civil lobbyists together as possible to talk about SB1716, the Civil Unions Bill.  More than 150 civil lobbyists from across the state representing almost all Districts - not just northeast Illinois were there to talk to our elected officials.

SB1716 is currently in the House of Representatives with almost enough votes to get it passed.  When we spoke with State Representative Harry Osterman he told us that the number of yes votes was 'in the mid 50's' but we need to have at least a solid 60 or more before it goes to vote.

The purpose of being Civil Lobbyists is that most Representatives and Senators want to talk to their constituents and find out how they feel about the bills that are currently being voted on.  I say most because there are many Representatives and Senators who will vote NO if the bill came to the floor and we need to change their minds. 

Check out this photo gallery, I'll post a video of our trip to Springfield later this week - or if you're a Fan of What's A Boy To Do on Facebook you can watch it now.


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