Addams Family opening number on Letterman [VIDEO]

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The Addams Family is doing it's best to take over Broadway.
After a lackluster opening in Chicago last year the show has gone through a major re-write of characters and songs.  Morticia is no longer a woman despondent over growing older and songs have been re-written or removed completely.
Last night on the David Letterman show, Nathan Lane (Gomez Addams), Bebe Neuwirth (Morticia Addams) and the cast preformed the opening number for his audience.
If you recall, when the show was here the opening number was a blah "Clandango Fandgo" that was sorta cute but didn't really kick off the they've replaced it with "When you're an Addams" which has a little more kick.

For a comparison, here was the original opening number

Which one do you like better?


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  • Sorry but the suck factor is still high!

  • I saw a VERY early version with my Season Tix so it's hard to compare. I know that when it officially opened it had changed A LOT from when I had seen it. I wasn't that impressed with it then, but I'd love to see it now to see how they improved on it.

    I smell Field Trip!!!!!

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