Own a piece of photographic history


Photo Credit: Profiles in History

Now you can own a piece of photographic history as the Michael H. Epstein and Scott E Schwimer Collection goes on the auction block later this month.

Epstein and Schwimer have collected thousands of vintage photographs and negatives including the largest collection of George Hurrell photos.  Hurrell was one of the most prominent glamour photographers in Hollywood during the '30s and '40s.  He photographed every star ever contracted to MGM and now some of those photos could be yours.

The doors to the vault are being opened and you're invited to bid on the photographs and negatives.  The collection will 'feature George Hurrell's portrait of Jean Harlow on a white bear skin rug...also included will be Langdon's portraits of a young George Clooney and Cher; Len Prince's ultra-glamorous portrait of Drew Barrymore; Hurrell's Joan Crawford and Johnny Weissmuller portraits among others.

Also included will be 50 photographs of the hunky Jon-Erik Hexum, the star of the 80's TV show Voyagers! who was accidentally shot in the head after a prop gun misfired.  I remember loving that show and when I found out he had been killed I was devastated....I think it was that furry chest of his.

Check out the gallery below for a sampling of the photos that will be available during the auction and check out the two auction gallerys: March 26 and March 27

If you want to bid go on over to the site now and get set up. 

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