Hedwig taking his Angry Inch to Broadway

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is making it's way to Broadway this fall with John Cameron Mitchell according to a New York Post article.
Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a rock musical about a transgender rock singer from East Germany that first debuted off-Broadway in 1998 winning several awards and running for two years.
In 2001 Mitchell reprised his role for the film version - which I proudly include in my collection - but hasn't acted since according to the article.
"Hedwig is ageless," says Mitchell. "But I'm almost 47, which means I'm at the gym every day, trying to get my old body back, my paunch down and my stamina up.

"I haven't acted since I did the movie," he adds. "The role is so hard and so challenging that it made me give up acting and concentrate on writing and directing. It's like Hamlet. Except that Hamlet doesn't have to sing 15 great songs. In a dress."
This Hedwig will be different from the versions before.  The writers are planning on changing the story so that it will fit within it's confines of the theater. 
One thought is to fashion a story line that has Hedwig playing a one-night-only gig at a Broadway house. The previous show hasn't moved out yet, so Hedwig is scrambling around an old set.

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