Bananas may inhibit HIV


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First it was the husk of the banana plant being made into underwear and now researchers have found that a chemical in bananas inhibits HIV. recently shared a post about that researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School found that a naturally occurring chemical, mannose-specific lectins, could bind to sugars on the surface of disease-causing microorganisims such as viruses and halt the chain reaction that leads to a variety of infections.

From the report: The test tube studies conducted by Michael Swanson, a doctoral student at the University of Michigan, and his colleagues, indicate that a lectin isolated from the common banana binds to the sugar-rich HIV envelop protein gp120. Not only may this prove useful in the development of vaginal and rectal microbicides to prevent HIV transmission, Swanson and his fellow authors speculate, but the HIV-inhibiting lectin--dubbed BanLec--may also have therapeutic potential.

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