You can own a piece of Lady Gaga

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If the price is right, you could own an original, signed, Lady Gaga costume!, is a website that offers celebrity items for auction to the highest bidder (of course) with the proceeds of the sale going to support charitable organizations.

Lady Gaga has donated her "skeleton" costume from her recent tour and even signed it in between the ribs.  If you win the auction you'll be supporting Oxfam International and Haiti Relief.  You'll be the belle of the ball for sure at Halloween - or heck even a night out in Boystown - if you win this auction.

Currently the bid is at $5,250 with increments of $500.  Go ahead, cash in that CD your Grandmother gave you for a rainy day because the auction only runs through February 23rd.

And oh yeah, the costume is in "as-is condition" and can't be returned, yeah - like you'd return it, it's got Gaga sweat on it!

Check out the auction here

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