Karen Walker: The Musical? YES PLEASE!

Megan Mullally recently dropped a hint that she would love to reprise her role as Karen Walker from Will & Grace as a musical.
Mullally who is in London with her band Supreme Music Program held a Q&A after a recent performance and said that she'd like to do a show based on her famous character, and she wants to include Leslie Jordan!
Out of the entire Will & Grace cast, I must admit (like I'm sure many of you do) that Karen and Jack were my favorite characters...could you just imagine a whole show with just Karen?  
Here's what Mullally told the audience during that Q&A session:
"Five or so years ago I was having a massage and I had my face in the cradle and my eyes sprang open and I thought Karen: The Musical. It seems to me that it would be really funny to see Karen singing. I also think that, since there are no standards and practices, you'd have so much leeway to do a lot of really silly, stupid things, I mean that in the good way ... I want it to be just, the stupidest thing you've ever seen. That's my goal."
I would totally be there to see that show.  What other famous TV Character would you love to see have their own musical?  Maude?  Tootie?  Cindy Brady?


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