Bill Brady would ban gay marriage if elected


Photo Credit:weareillinois via Flickr CC

The GOP front-runner for Illinois Governor, Bill Brady, announced that he would amend the Illinois Constitution to ban same-sex marriage if he were elected.
Brady who seems to be close in the polls to Kirk 
Dillard, despite only getting 5.41% of the votes during the election, but is gaining traction as absentee ballots and provisional ballots are being counted made that ridiculous statement in an article posted at the Chicago Sun-Times.
In addition to not letting the gays marry, he wants to impose term limits, overhaul the process of redrawing legislative districts and make it more difficult to pass state tax increases.
We need to keep an eye on Brady, especially since we have diligent lawmakers like Heather Steans and Greg Harris working so hard for us.  Steans introduced the Marriage Equality Bill to 
the Senate, Illinois SB2468, late last year. Harris has tired last year to get HB2234 and SB1716 to the floor before the end of session last year, but sadly that didn't happen.

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