Zambrano and me

I can't believe it, Zambrano and I finally have something in common!

Apparently Carlos Zambrano is a pitcher for the Cubs, or something or other, I don't know I'll have to ask someone to verify for sure, but all I can say is that when I was flipping through yesterday's RedEye I stopped on a picture of him on page 13...and was transfixed.

I couldn't believe it when I saw his picture.....what a hottie....after I got tired of looking at his picture (which took a while) I realized that we could probably be best friends.  I've always wanted a bestie who is a professional baseball player and I think this might just be my chance.

So you want to know why I know we'll be besties?  Zambrano and I both have the same scarf!  We can be 'Scarf Buddies'  Obviously he shops in high quality big box stores, like I do, with a corporate logo shaped like a bullseye.  It'll be great to have to have a Scarf Twin, I know we'll have plenty of things to talk about.  I just hope he doesn't want to talk about baseball, because I have no idea how many touchdowns you need to win that game.....or is it baskets?

Check it out for yourself - it's uncanny!

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