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Hey!  You, yeah you!  Got a few minutes?  Some people need your input.

Are you a writer?  There's currently a call out for people willing to write about their "coming out."  Finding the Rainbow Anthology is asking the question "How did you figure out you were gay and how did you come to accept it?"  Lael Stalnaker is looking to compile a coming out history that will help the younger generation.  If you'd like to share your coming out story, check out the Facebook group.

If you don't want to share  your story, how about your opinion?  The Lake View Citizens' Council recently reached out to to spread the word on a survey they're conducting.  If you live, work or just hang out in Lake View/Boystown, check this out:

For the last several months, community leaders from Lake View Citizens' Council, the 44th and 46th Ward Aldermanic Offices, the 23rd District Chicago Police Department, the Center on Halsted, and the Northalsted Business Alliance have been strategizing how best to prioritize our efforts for 2010.

We would greatly appreciate 10 minutes of your time to complete this Survey on your perception of crime and safety in Lake View. Specifically, we are interested in your impressions on the greater Halsted area of Lake View. The survey asks what you think is working and what area(s) you would like us to prioritize addressing this year.  CLICK here to take the survey

Over at Joe.My.God. he posted about the National Institute of Health inviting public comment on a new planned study of LGBT health issues - something that needs to happen.  Check out his post for all the details including links to supply your own feedback.

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