The Super Bowl Big Gay Controversy

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Some people (like me) only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.  Who knew that this years potential commercials would be a hot bed of controversy with the LGBT community?

It's quite interesting that the biggest, most heterosexual, manliest event of the year would be steeped in drama over it's exclusion of homosexual commercials and inclusion of pro-choice commercials - but that's just what's happening.

There's been a flurry of concern over the past few weeks when it was announced that the very homophobic hate group Focus on the Family was paying $2.5M for a 30-second spot.  The ad features, Tim Tebow and his Mother's choice to not have an abortion.

Since then several groups, like the National Organization for Women, the Feminist Majority and others have called upon CBS to not air the ad.


Then just last week Gloria Allred jumped on board and wrote an open letter to CBS President and CEO, Les MooNves.  In it, she urges him to re-think his decision to air the ad claiming that the facts don't line up with reality and it is actually a  misleading advertisement. And since it is misleading and not truthful it must be an advocacy ad, which in the past CBS has turned down - so why now?

Then there's the issue of which recently came into the scene when they submitted their own $2.5M 30-second Super Bowl commercial for consideration.

Which CBS summarily rejected by claiming that it didn't subscribe to their "Standards and Practices" for inclusion - as well they questioned the websites finances by claiming they were having difficulty verifying the company's credit status.

But that's not the only gay ad that CBS canned....Go Daddy - which typically has some hot and racy Super Bowl ads had one turned down by CBS. Check it out:

Here's another rejected Super Bowl commercial from video game maker, EA.  Apparently CBS didn't like their "go to hell" slogan.

So what do you think?  Are you planning to watch the Super Bowl? Is it really a controversy?  Should an abortion advocacy advertisement be allowed to play while a gay-themed commerical is denied? 

And yeah, they can't say that they haven't aired "provacative" commercials, what about that one a few years ago where two guys go after a snickers bar and end up kissing.


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