Lady Gaga's 2010 Grammy Performance hits the web [VIDEO]

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The Grammy's are still being presented, but Lady Gaga's opening performance is already on the web.

Lady Gaga got the prime spot for the awards show - the very first one.  I guess they did that for two reasons - one, she's the hottest thing out there. -two if she does anything controversial there will be two more hours of programming for people to watch and forget about what she does.

After a very strange introduction (I guess not really strange for Gaga) she sang Poker Face and then was dropped down a chute labeled "REJECTED" only to appear a few seconds later playing dueling piano's with Elton John.  Just as they start singing 'Speechless' she shouted out "Take a picture of me Hollywood!"

Elton, who is no stranger to outlandish costumes donned face paint, a huge nucleus shaped earring and a pair of Gagaesque rhinestone studded glasses during their performance that mixed Speechless with lyrics from John's hit 'Your Song'.

I can't wait to see the FCC complaints roll in on this one, I'm sure there's someone out there who was offended.


I can't wait to see what else Lady Gaga has up her sleeve!


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