Hottest new iPhone app - iNaked

I've been jonesing for an iPhone for the longest time, but seriously AT&T service sucks in Chicago.  My roomie has an iPhone and the only place he can get reception is if he stands on our back deck - I for one enjoy a cellphone for what it's meant to do - not for how pretty it is.

But I may have finally been convinced to breakdown and get one....check out this new App - iNaked.
Remember those "x-ray" glasses you could order out of the backs of comic books when we were kids?  Well this is a thousand times better....check it out!

If you can download it, let me know how it works!


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  • hahaha! Did you see the iTrust? To hinder and catch nosy people trying to go through your phone:

  • In reply to laurenstrec:

    I did see iTrust....makes me want to get an iPhone then a boyfriend, cheat on him and see if he's checking up on me...LOL!!!! But what a great idea for an application!

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