Billie Jean.....literally


The latest "literal" video has just hit the net and I needed to share it with you.

What's a literal video?  YouTuber dascottjr takes an old music video, and turns the song into a literal translation of the video. 

Last year he took the web by surprise when he released the literal version of  Total Eclipse Of The Heart by BonnieTyler 

One of his first though - and one that I love the most is his literal version of A-Ha's Take on Me I guess it not only entertained me but it took me back to when I wore my cassette player out listening to that song.

Well now he's taking on the King of Pop, I mean can you really blame him, Michael Jackson is HUGE right now.  He had a hit movie last year, they just released it on Blu-Ray and DVD, he's going to be on the Grammy's this year - IN 3-freakingD!  And just earlier this week the prisoners in Philippines released their tribute to Michael. Poor Michael has made more money dead than when he was alive - which is pretty sad.

AFTER THE JUMP turn your clocks back to 1982 and watch "Billie Jean" literally.....

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