Being Compatible just isn't enough


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eHarmony just doesn't like the gays and I'm sure they just wish we went back in the closet!
In March of last year, eHarmony launched a gay verison of their popular heterosexual hook-up site, CompatiblePartners. They only did this to comply with a discrimination lawsuit that was brought against them in New Jersey because they didn't allow homosexuals access to their site.
When the site was launched it was with little fanfare and practically no marketing - I mean why promote something that you're forced to deploy, right?  They even went so far as to provide free six-month membership to their site for a limited number of new users as part of the settlement.  I'll admit that I went up and filled out the laborious application process - but never did "connect" with anyone.
Well now they're even in more hot water after they just settled another discrimination case in California.  Apparently the main eHarmony site included links to their Christian, Hispanic, Jewish, black, senior and local dating sites - but somehow missed the homos...hmmm, oversight perhaps?  As well they were charging mutliple monthly membership fees to access profiles for both sexes if you identified as bi.
So they got sued again for discriminating against a group of people they were already sued for discriminating against before...whew!
As part of the settlement, eHarmony has agreed to include links on their main site to CompatiblePartners, pay around $500,000 to 150 Californians to settle the class-action suit AND pay about $1.5 million in court and attorney fees.
Of course eHarmy has not admitted to any wrongdoing...of course not.
So have you signed up for an online dating service before?  What were your results?  And no, before you ask, ManHunt is not a dating service.

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