Badder Romance Parody

Lady Gaga was in town this weekend, performing at the Rosemont Theater, and no I didn't get to go - because I couldn't get tickets when they first went on sale - but I'm ok with that, now.

I'm sort of glad now, that I didn't get tickets originally, because just a few weeks before the concert, they had to change venue due to the size of Lady Gaga's tour - it wouldn't fit on the stage of the Chicago Theater so they had to relocate to Rosemont.

Ticketmaster ended up refunding the entire ticket price (including their Service Fee - which I find hard to believe) and then forcing ticket holders to re-buy their tickets during a special "pre-sale event"  So even if you had front row, center seats for the concert at the Chicago Theater - you could have realistically ended up someplace completely different at Rosemont after rebuying your tickets.  So I'm sorta glad I didn't have tickets....but I still love me some Gaga : -)

After the jump check out a fan-made remake of Bad Romance - you'll bust a gut laughing.

Did you go to the Concert?  What did you think?  Let me know, I want to hear all about it.


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