Win 'The Story Behind The Song'


Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Story Behind the Music explores the stories behind the music that we love, including artists like Christina Aguilara, Barry Manilow, John Legend, Jim Croce and teen heartthrob David Cassidy.


There are 101 songs included in this collection, like "Come to my Window" by Melissa Etheridge.  When she wrote the song she was touring while carrying on a long-distance relationship that she was having difficulty maintaining.  She also was somewhat prophetic in singing about the blackness "that has seeped into my chest" when she was diagnosed with cancer 10 years later.


The publishers were kind enough to provide a copy of the book so that a lucky winner will have the chance to read all of the stories behind the music. 


To win, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post.  Each comment counts as one entry and you can enter as many times as you like.  The contest ends Friday, December 11th at 11:59PM.  I will draw and announce the winner on Saturday.



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  • The book sounds wonderful. As a Barry Manilow fan I can't wait to read it. Music is one of the greatest gifts we have. It benefits the mind and soul, comforts and uplifts, and can be the catalyst to great things. The music of Barry Manilow changed my life two and half years ago. I'd love to win the book, but for sure I'll be reading it as soon as possible.

    Helen Holdun

  • Isn't the title the same as a book written by the motivational speaker? Anyhoo, this sounds way more interesting. I'd love to read about quite a few songs in the book.

  • I would definitely be interested in hearing how songs effected the musicians that sang them. Sometimes, people don't think about that..

  • I have read countless Chicken Soup books...... but haven't read this one yet and I have always wanted to know the behind the song meanings.......

    Also, those artists you mentioned above? John Legend, Christina, Barry, Melissa etc., What's NOT to love about them? I'd LOVE to win a copy!

  • Great idea for a contest. :-)

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