Remembering those we've lost to AIDS

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Yesterday was World AIDS Day, the one day a year that we set aside to remember those that we've lost and to push forward on education so that we don't need to lose more loved ones to HIV.
Yesterday I posted a photo gallery that included a list of several influential and famous people that had died from AIDS.  In the comments of that post I received feedback from several readers that the list was woefully unprepared and that I missed many whom they thought were worthy of inclusion.  They were right!
We need to remember EVERYONE that has died from AIDS or suffers from HIV and pushes on everyday to make this day better than the one before.  I wish that there was a way for us to remember each person that is important to us, whether they were famous or not - everyone is important.
With that in mind, I am planning on starting a Photo Gallery here so that you can submit your photos of your fallen friends, lovers, family members, neighbors or anyone that was important to you that died from AIDS.  We should remember them EVERYDAY, not just one day a year.
If you would like to include a loved one, someone you felt was influential, or anyone  who has died from AIDS and you would like to include them on the Remembrance Wall please email the photo and a caption to and I will include them in the Gallery.

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