Pakistan publicly flogs homosexuals while India touts Bollywood's first gay kis

LiveLeak released a video that allegedly shows Pakistani homosexuals being flogged in public.  

After the jump check out the video showing several men, chained together at the hands, being forced to lay on the road, surrounded by hundreds of people as they are flogged for their homosexuality.
At the same time, the Advocate is reporting that Bollywood is ready to screen it's first gay kiss between two men.  The film, I Am, is comprised of four short stories that includes I Am Omar that focuses on the police harassment of male sex workers.  A gay sex scene has been filmed, but it has not yet been approved by India's Censorship Board.
Although India has recently decriminalized homosexuality, welcomed new gay publications and held it's first gay pride event this year - there's still a lot of work that needs to be done.
Aren't you glad you live in America?
**UPDATED** I apologize, I wrote this post in pieces yesterday and didn't update the title correctly.  


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  • Do you even know that India and Pakistan are different countries?
    The flogging video is from Pakistan.
    The decriminalization of homosexuality and gay bollywood movie was in India.
    How do u connect the two???

    Thats like saying
    Uganda wants to execute homosexuals.
    Although they have gay parades in the US.
    Arent you glad you live in Greenland?

  • In reply to raleigh22:

    Raleigh22 - Thank you for pointing out my error, I'm sorry, I pieced this article together yesterday and finalized it late last night....obviously I shouldn't do things when I'm sleepy

    I have updated the title to reflect the correct content!

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