Don't give money to the Salvation Army

They're everywhere you seem to go during this holiday season.  In front of the grocery store, outside a busy shopping district, on a downtown street corner, ringing their bells and asking for donations to be dropped in their little red buckets, that's right The Salvation Army - but don't give them any of your hard earned money.
We need to remember that The Salvation Army is NOT an LGBT friendly organziation.  John Aravosis over at Americablog has taken the time to pull together examples of how anti-LGBT they really are.  
For example, he found an article on the Washington Post where The Bush administration made a 'firm commitment' to them to issue regulations to protect charities from having to abide by state and city laws that prevent discrimination against gaYs in hiring and domestic-partnership benefits.
He even found examples on their own websites decrying homosexuals and that those of us with same-sex orientation should 'embrace celibacy as a way of life.'
If you are planning on making financial donations this holiday season, there are plenty of local organizations that do support the LGBT community that would be more than happy for your donation.


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  • It's a Christian organization; were you not aware of this? I'm guessing no, because anyone with even a thread of journalistic integrity would have pointed that out.


  • In reply to joemccusty:

    What does it matter if they are a Christian organization or not, Joey? They could worship a Chipotle Burrito for all I care (lord knows I do!), but if they are discriminative and exhibit a pattern of hatred towards an entire group of people....that is information that needs to be out there!

    Keep up the good work, Michael!

    Also, the majority of people probably aren't looking into their mission and pursuing further info on their beliefs. The only real schema they have for this organization is that "Salvation Army is good" and that they ring a bell at you for the change from whatever you just bought.

  • In reply to RyanJustice:

    I'm only saying that writing an article that essentially proclaims "Christian Organization Does Nothing To Help Homosexuals!" isn't really going to be news to anyone. But I guess it is to you, so I must have been wrong.

  • In reply to RyanJustice:

    Clearly, this post is coming from some personal gut feelings (hence the all-caps red font), but I'm with you for reasons of my own. I do not, and will not, EVER donate to the Salvation Army. Anything with religious or "faith-based" ties is putrid, and not worthy of my money.

  • In reply to RyanJustice:

    I agree Michael. In fact it was my dad that pointed this out to me years ago and since then I have never donated. Never have and never will!

  • In reply to RyanJustice:

    Yeah, Wow Joey. Hate much! I agree completely with Michael. I consider myself a very well tuned political homo, but I have never heard or considered this about the Salvation Army. With a name like "Salvation" I agree it makes sense, but sometimes pointing out the obvious is what we all need--like you being a total jerk right out of the gates! But hey, 'tis the season!

    I'd also like to point out that a lot of organizations are faith-based but do not have an actual anti-gay agenda.

    Nice Michael. Thanks. Its good to be reminded that there's anti-gay bells on every corner!

    It would have been nice to hear "hey just cuz a president is black--doesn't mean he will value discrimination issues as a top priority and he may even PURPOSELY REMOVE it from his official agenda immediately after taking office!" But I'd hate to state the obvious.

  • In reply to RyanJustice:

    I for one prefer to give to organizations that help anyone who needs help - not just "the children," not just "the Christians," and not just "the heterosexuals." I appreciate the reminder.

    Feeding America will give food to the needy without making them listen to a sermon.

  • In reply to RyanJustice:

    Salvation Army is also well-known for being anti-choice - another good reason to give to other charities. Here's my local favorite: Greater Chicagoland Food Depository.

  • In reply to RyanJustice:

    Please keep in mind that the charitable works that the Salvation Army does are performed without regard to a person's gender, religion, or sexual orientation. It is help based on need, not religion. The Salvation Army is the second largest provider of social assistance aside from the government in North America.

    Who do we serve? Everyone. Why do we serve? We serve because we are called to serve.

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