Deer for Breakfast

Back in my hometown in northeastern Pennsylvania this weekend ushered in Deer Hunting Season.  An event so big that the first day of hunting season is a vacation day from school.  I used to love having the first day of hunting season off from school - as it meant I got to spend time with my dad.

Growing up in a largely agricultural community deer hunting was a way of life, and supported many families with meat through the winter.  I remember many times going hunting with my father, we would find a gully or depression to sit in and wait for deer to pass by so we could pull out our rifles and gun them down.  I remember more often though, my father saying "I'm gonna rest my eyes for a few minutes, let me know if anything comes by." At which point he would drift off to sleep...and hundreds of deer would walk right by and I'd say "It's your lucky day deer!" and left my father sleeping.
If you're not into eating venison, then how about having some for breakfast instead?


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  • The video is cute but you shouldn't feed deer, they should be left wild.

    Although I grew up in Pennsylvania too, I never hunted but a lot of my friends did. My favorite venison is summer sausage since the spice takes some of the gaminess out of it.

    One time I got stuck driving behind a flat bed truck that had about 20 deer carcasses on it. I'm not sure why or how long they were all dead but the smell was unforgettable. Yikes! I still have nightmares about it.

  • In reply to MarcFelion:

    Those deer seem pretty tame to me, which makes me think that they're on a farm - but you're right you shouldn't feed wild animals.

    Venison sausage IS GOOD!! And I've had a few good venison steaks at restaurants before as well.

    I can just imagine that smell...YUCK!!!!

  • In reply to MarcFelion:

    Farm raised deer steaks are totally different in taste from wild. Its almost like beef, whereas wild is really gamey.

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