Whoa! Oprah reportedly set to leave Chicago


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Apparently Oprah doesn't love Chicago as much as she says, because she's jumping ship and heading to Los Angeles.
A story over at **UPDATE** Deadline Hollywood says that The O is taking her syndicated talk show off of Network Broadcast and moving it to her newly created Oprah Winfrey Network in 2011.
Well, all I can say is that it was a matter of time.  We all knew that she was creating her own television network, we all knew that Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos have pulled the plug and moved to Connecticut, so it was only a matter of time before Oprah did the same.
Plus it's a way for Oprah to make more money, by forcing her viewers to get cable TV to watch her program, which of course I'm sure she'll get a cut of.  When I was at Blog World Expo last month in Vegas one of the big topics was how to create a recurring financial model for content - and I think she just did it.  
I guess the big party on Michigan Avenue earlier this year was actually a "Bon Voyage Party" 
**UPDATE** Also, just so everyone is clear, this is all speculation at this point since Oprah hasn't made an official statement yet, we're just going off of what Deadline Hollywood is posting.
But what do you think?  Will Oprah leave the Windy City?


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  • I still have doubts that Oprah will give up the very influential position she has now. Jumping to cable will drastically decrease her viewers around the world. Maybe it's just another negotiation ploy? But at some point, I'm sure the OWN people will get a little restless.

    BTW, Nikki Finke was the first to write about this today....


  • In reply to MarcusLeshock:

    Thanks Marcus - I should have went back to the source, I've updated the link to Deadline Hollywoods post!

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