We may have lost Maine but we made advances elsewhere

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We may have lost in Maine on Tuesday but that doesn't mean that we're down and out for the count - not by a long shot.
Even though we received a devastating blow in Tuesdays election when Maine overturned the right for same-sex marriage by a narrow 5% margin, we need to remember that we still have our allies.  Even though we lost, we did get 48% of Mainers to agree that same-sex marriage is the right thing to do!  It's not that far from the tipping point!
Elsewhere across the country inroads were made for the advancement of LGBT rights:
- Kalamazoo saw the passage of ordinance that grants anti-discrimination protections to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender individuals by 7,671 to 4,731 a resounding 62%
- In Detroit, Charles Pugh became the first openly gay city councilmember, and since he placed first in the race that means he'll become 
- In Akron, Sandra Kurt and in Houston, Annise Parker were both subject to attacks on their homosexuality but they both overcame those obstacles and Kurt became the first openly lesbian member of the Akron City Council while Parker advanced to a runoff race to hopefully become the first lesbian mayor of Houston.
Although we may have lost elsewhere there are still many places where we succeeded.  We need to take the momentum that we have, celebrate it and turn it into something bigger and better.  

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