Lady Gaga made $167 in five months

lady gaga

A Sweedish site is reporting that Lady Gaga should be receiving a check soon from the new music start-up company Spotify, for about 1150 KRONOS. That's about the going rate that ticket scalpers are getting for a single back-of-the-theater-seat for her upcoming conert in January.

Spotify, a membership based music streaming site available in Europe, charges a monthly subscription to listen to music "legally" with money going back to the know, instead of where people download it illegally via BitTorent or places like the prior PirateBay site.

From October '08 through February of this year, Lady Gaga had two of the five top 5 Streams.  Pokerface was downloaded One Million times and Just Dance was fourth.  And for that she'll receive a whopping $167 after conversion.  Well at least it's $167 that she didn't need to work for.

So did you buy Lady Gaga's new ablum?  How'd you buy it?  Digitally or Physically?

Click through for the full Top 5 Songs that paid out money:

The Top 5 Streamed Songs at Spotify from 11/08 - 2/09

1.  Lady Gaga - The Fame
2.  Paul Walden - Infinity
3.  Katy Perry - Hot n Cold
4.  Lady Gaga - Just Dance
5.  Britney Spears - Womanizer

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