It's time for 'Dancing in the Streets'

Have you ever wanted to be part of a Flash Mob?  Ever just feel like dancing where ever you may be?  Then head downtown tomorrow night for a Guerilla Dance Party.
What's a Guerilla Dance Party?  Well you've heard of Guerilla Gay Bar and Guerilla Girl Bar, where a whole bunch of guys and gals take over a straight bar and turn it gay for the night.  Well the Dance Party is the same thing, only they're dancing in the street.
DanceNOWChicago will be Dancing in the Streets with David Bowie and Mick Jager Wednesday evening at 6:45 at the intersection of State St and Lake Street.  They'll be dancing across the crosswalk a few times in their own dance party.
Check the site for all of the details, make sure your iPod battery is charged, you've downloaded the song, and you've got your dancing shoes on!
We'll see you Dancing in the Streets.


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  • Thanks for the shoutout! See you there!

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