Gay student beaten with pipe in Houston, Gay teen decapited in Puerto Rico


Photo Credit:cybertoad via Flickr CC

A Houston student was chased down and beaten with a metal pipe because he is gay.
Jayron Martin had been taunted by fellow students at school and threatened but when he notified two principals and his school bus driver - they didn't do anything.
As he expected, after Jayron exited his school bus he was chased by as many as 9 students who cornered him in a residential area and watched as one student beat him with a metal pipe.
As if this isn't enough, earlier this week, murder charges have been filed against Juan Martinez Matos who brutally murdered and decapitated Jorge Lopez Mercado in Puerto Rico.  Martinez is claiming "Gay Panic" as his defense to murdering Mercado.
What is going on with people?  Do you think that these cases will be the first tests to the recently passed Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill that President Obama recently signed.

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