Gay activists to confront Chicago Police on their own turf


Photo Credit:noah wesley via Flickr CC

Officer Richard Fiorito has been named in 37 federal civil right lawsuits of framing drivers, especially LGBT drivers, of drunk driving.  But the police are not responding to these charges, so activists from the Gay Liberation Network will confront Chicago Police on their own turf during a Chicago Police Board meeting this Thursday.

The suits allege that since 2003 Fiorito has targeted Lesbian and Gay motorists and framed them for false DUI charges while racking up awards from groups like MADD and countless hours of overtime to appear in court against the drivers.  Earlier this year the Police GLBT Subommittee passed a resolution against Fiorito and a video has been presented as evidence of the false arrests - yet nothing has happened to the officer.

Fiorito is still receiving a paycheck from the City of Chicago and the Cook County States Attorney Office has not filed any charges against him, although he was placed on desk duty last month.

The Gay Liberation Network has three demands according to GLN co-founder Andy Thayer:

"We have three simple demands," said GLN co-founder Andy Thayer.  "1) File criminal charges against Fiorito;  2) Vigorously prosecute those charges, and 3) Fire this dirty cop.  Any civilian with one-tenth this amount of evidence against him or her would have been fired long ago and forced to post bond.  Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez's continued failure to file criminal charges or perjury and obstruction of justice shows she is perpetuating Chicago's notorious tradition of unequal justice."

The protest is sponsored by the Gay Liberation Network and will take place at the monthly meeting of Chicago's Police Board, 7:30 PM, Thursday, Nov. 19 in the auditorium of Chicago Police Headquarters, 3510 S. Michigan Avenue.

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