Don't be bored, build-a-Fleslight

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Sitting at home with nothing to do?  Then you should head over to the Fleshlight site and check out their new "Build-A-Fleshlight" section they just added.

If you're not familiar with the Fleshlight it's a male mastubator that's "hidden" inside a case that looks like a flashlight.....a really big, oversized flashlight, but a flashlight nonetheless.

Previously you could only get the "standard" version of the Fleshlight but now you can customize everything from the color to the type of opening to what orifice you prefer!  All in one simple to say.

Have you used the Fleshlight?  I'm curious to what the experience is like...I've read several reviews and I have an acquaitance that has one (only because I saw it sitting on a shelf) but I've never actually talked to someone that has used it "hands on."  So, come on, now's your chance to confess.

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