Caster Semenya allowed to keep gold medal

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After all of the controversy, Caster Semenya will be allowed to keep the gold medal she earned earlier this year.
Shortly after Caster won the Women's 800m at the World Championship it was alleged that Caster wasn't really a woman at all but was a man masquerading as a woman.  Allegations ran around the web as her sexuality was brought into question, gender tests were done and it was finally revealed to the world - that Caster was actually intersex.  Caster has no ovaries but does have internal testes.
Questions are still being raised though:
The 18-year-old is waiting to hear whether she can continue competing as a woman after being asked to undergo gender tests by the IAAF, but will keep her medal whatever the outcome.

A South African Department of Sport and Recreation statement read: "Caster has been found innocent of any wrongdoing."

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