What really killed the Lady Gaga (Kanye West) concert?

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News came round yesterday that the entire "Fame Kills" tour featuring Lady Gaga and that ass Kanye West was canceled.
I wonder, what really killed the concert?  I think that Lady Gaga was going to make Kanye come out of the closet and he didn't want to.  
Or it could have been his bottle of Hennesey that he just couldn't put down at the MTV VMA awards last month that made him shout down poor Taylor.  
Perhaps it was the outrageously priced tickets - two tickets to the best seats at the United Center concert was more than $500, I love me some Gaga but I don't even like Kanye near enough to spend that much money.
Perhaps Kanye realized that Lady Gaga would be a much bigger draw and he couldn't deal with playing second fiddle to her.  Gaga wasn't going to "open" for Kanye and then let him have the stage though.  Based on reports the stage was going to be a "runway" type stage that traversed the entire length of the United Center.  And they were both going to be on stage at the same time.
Or maybe people have decided to just stop supporting Kanye and his asshattery by not buying tickets, maybe that's why I was able to find some of the best seats in the house yesterday when I searched for tickets.
If you did purchase tickets they will be refunded.  The only ones that win in this case are Ticketmaster who don't refund their fees. 
Why do you think the concert was cancelled?


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  • According to Perez Hilton, there were "artistic differences" ... sounds like some drama to me!

  • Who cares why it canceled, just glad it did. Tried of people like Kanye West thking the world owes them everything and treating others like crap. http://www.tickettip.com/blog

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