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Gefilte Fish With a Side of Shrimp on the Barbie

Sometimes even the greatest loves can't withstand the circumstances that life hurls at them. The stories told in this short film program feature mostly Jewish females trying to weather the storms of war, persecution, tradition, death, and paralyzing insecurity. As fleeting or lasting as their time together may be, the significance of the love they share is undeniable. Gevald (Netalie Braun, Israel, 2009), Meeskeit (Neil Needleman, USA, 2009), Love ... and the Space Between (Beth Child, Australia, 2009), The Other War (Tamar Glezerman, Israel, 2008). Total: 83 min.

Chef's Special
Nacho G. Velilla (Spain, 2008, 111 min.)
In Spanish, with English subtitles

The recipe for this terrific romantic comedy calls for talented actors, a dash of humor, a sprinkle of fun, and one, bitchy queen! Openly gay chef Maximino takes the culinary arts seriously, viewing food presentation as an art form. He is obsessed with receiving a Michelin star, which will catapult his restaurant to success and take care of his financial debt. But his life starts to unravel when his bitter, deserted ex-wife dies and leaves him with a son and a daughter that he was never allowed to see. Mix in some crazy employees with personal problems, a food inspector that can make or break his business, a hot (but closeted) soccer player that moves in next door, and Maxi's world is ready to explode.

City of Borders
Yun Suh (Israel/Palestinian Territories/USA, 2009, 66 min.)

Located in the heart of Jerusalem lies the city's only gay bar, Shushan, an underground sanctuary for the much-maligned GLBT community in the city and from surrounding areas. Constantly under threat, Shushan brings together and gives voice to a community no longer willing to remain silent. Filmed in Jerusalem and Ramallah, the documentary investigates the lives of the gay and lesbian community as they grapple with acceptance and learn how to put their fight for respect and equality above their differences. Poignant and moving, City of Borders explores the divides that continue to separate our community and world from peace and coexistence.

College Boys Live
George O'Donnell (USA, 2009, 94 min.)

Enter the voyeuristic world of College Boys Live, an intriguing documentary exploring the lives of young men who, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, go about their day-to-day dealings on live-feed cameras. The popular website,, attracts thousands of visitors from around the world everyday, giving all who visit an intimate look into the actions of a group of college-aged men living in a large home in the sunshine state. The film offers compelling portraits of the sexy, young men who are on the site, following them to their hometowns, exposing their families, and delving into their personal time.

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