Reeling Film Festival Schedule: Thursday

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The Big Gay Musical
Casper Andreas and Fred M. Caruso (USA, 2009, 90 min.)

From award-winning filmmaker Casper Andreas--director of Reeling favorites, Slutty Summer and A Four Letter Word¬¬--comes his most innovative film yet. Pleasing both die-hard show tune queens and serious filmgoers alike, this film turns the concept of creationism on its expertly-coiffed, gay head! Starring in the Off-Broadway musical comedy, "Adam and Steve Just the Way God Made 'Em," aspiring actors Paul and Eddie find their complicated lives mirroring their onstage characters. Through rousing musical numbers that feature scantily clad tap-dancing angels, a clever retelling of Genesis, creepy televangelists, and a camp that attempts to turn gay kids straight, everyone realizes that life gets better once they accept who they really are.

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