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Standing-n-Truth: Breaking the Silence
Tim Daniels (USA, 2009, 70 min.)

First time director Tim Daniels presents an essential, unsettling documentary that explores black American sexual identity. Featuring outspoken artists such as Sheryl Lee Ralph and Kim Whitley, the film shows the many faces of a culture within a culture that is often dismissed and remains largely hidden and unacknowledged. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered African Americans make their voices heard, covering topics such as religion, sex, politics, and a hard to swallow fact that "AIDS is 'our' problem!" Daniels' film is an important assembly of facts and opinions that will hopefully lead to the shaping and creation of a stronger and more accepting community.

Baby Jane?
Billy Clift (USA, 2009, 97 min.)

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford created characters that would redefine their images, and forever cement their place as two of the grand dames of the silver screen, when they burst onto the screen with What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Davis' tour-de-force performance helped make the film a cult classic that has claimed iconic status in gay culture.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

As if the film itself was not high camp enough, now comes a reimagining of the story as drag queens take on the lead roles in the film.  Every one of your favorite scenes remains--the bird, the rat, the chocolates--all played for laughs that will have you rolling in the aisles.

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Their Secret Lives

When life doesn't turn out how you expected it to, how do you bridge the gap between who you've become and who you want to be? In this program, characters are forced by circumstance to face the present, as well as the ghosts of their pasts. Some react to the adversity before them with guilt and shame, while others transcend it with grace and honesty. Right Turn, Left Turn (Magdalena Louw, Canada, 2009), Hide (Robert Shelby, USA, 2009), Back by Midnight (Alex Hugh Brown, USA, 2009), Outpost (Dominick Domingo, USA, 2009), Hardly a Hero (C. Jay Cox, USA, 2008). Total: 93 min.

Coming Into Herself

From a mother who talks to fish, to a young girl who thinks a drag queen is a real angel, to a little tomboy who rebels against conformity, the girls and women in these shorts are all growing up, coming out, experimenting, leaning on family, and accepting who they are. Licorice (Alexa Inkeles, USA, 2009), A Song of Fishes (Alison Crouse, USA, 2009), A Square with Three Sides (Katie Shannon, USA, 2009), St. Gertrude (Emily Johnson, USA, 2009), Tomboy (Joanna Griebel, USA, 2008), To Comfort You (Marc Saltarelli, USA, 2009), Girl Talk (Jennifer Smith, USA, 2009), What I Found in Great Aunt Nell's Closet (Melissa Bouwman, USA, 2008). Total: 82 min.

Eating Out: All You Can Eat
Glenn Gaylord (USA, 2009, 78 min.)

The Eating Out franchise is back and more outrageous than ever! After screwing a priest at a funeral, Tiffani meets Casey, the newly-outed cousin of her dead friend. Scrawny Casey can't figure out how to pursue the unattainable, sexy Zack, so Tiffani convinces him to create a fake online profile in order to stalk his crush, using Tiffani's ex-boyfriend's muscular photos to lure Zack in. Hilarious pandemonium ensues when Tiffani's ex actually shows up and goes out on a date with Zack to spite her. With a hot cast, a bit of nudity and fun cameos, Eating Out: All You Can Eat will crack you up from start to finish.

Insert U-Haul Joke Here

Two. Jenny. Shimizu. Cameos. Shouldn't that be enough reason to watch this shorts program? If it's not (but, is it not?), these shorts also feature catastrophic dates, sassy detectives, recycled dildos and a music video about U-Hauls. This is, after all, about lesbians dating. Buttery Top (Catherine Crouch & Kelly Hayes, USA, 2009), Four Steps (Karen Wilkens, USA, 2009), Son of the Preacher (Jasmine Gervais, Canada, 2008), Looking For (Michelle Pollino, USA, 2009), Sondra Stingray: Sapphic Gumshoe (Heather de Michele, USA, 2009), U-Haul (Bob Koherr, USA, 2008), Tools 4 Fools (Kate A. Brandt, USA, 2009), When the Time's Right (Linda Andersson, USA, 2008), How the Grinch Stole My Heart (Gabrielle Zilkha, Canada, 2009). Total: 87 min.

Fiona's Script
Florencia Manovil (USA, 2009, 93 min.)

Fiona's Script is the story of an insecure, bisexual woman and her struggles with love, friendships, and the ability to balance her dreaming and waking lives. Trying to get over a recent breakup with her long-term boyfriend, Fiona is working on a screenplay, but can't seem to make anything of it. When sparks begin to fly with L--a womanizing tomboy that used to be her ex-boyfriend's crush¬--Fiona battles against their apparent chemistry, but also finds motivation to take her script to the stage. When her ex comes back into the picture, Fiona must choose between the man, the woman, and herself.

We Are the Mods
E. E. Cassidy (USA, 2008, 80 min.)

We Are the Mods is what would happen if High Art merged with Twilight. It has all the artistic frames, sex, and drugs of the former; however, it also has the high school angst and sense of discovery of the latter. Straight-laced and stable Sadie and stereotypically dysfunctional Nico, two high school seniors from diverse worlds, form an unlikely friendship that allows both to explore new places within themselves. When Sadie agrees to help the struggling Nico with photography, she becomes entranced by Nico's wild life as a contemporary revivalist of 1960s British mod culture.

Make the Yuletide Gay
Rob Williams (USA, 2009, 89 min.)

After finals, übergay college hunk Olaf "Gunn" Gunnunderson heads home for what he expects to be the usual family holiday, with his Wisconsin-bred cheese-head Christmas-themed-sweater wearing mother, and pot smoking, absentminded father. While his mother feeds him freshly baked holiday cookies and pressures him to date his high school sweetheart, Abby, Gunn does his best to keep up his straight image. But when Gunn's boyfriend, Nathan, unexpectedly shows up at his parents' house, he is forced to admit that he's still in the closet. To keep Nathan, Gunn has to work up the guts to tell his parents who Nathan really is. Full of hilarious sexual innuendo and awkward coming-out moments, Make the Yuletide Gay is sure to be a holiday favorite.

The Boy With the Sun in His Eyes
Todd Verow, USA, 2009, 95 min.

John, a bored pencil pusher, meets the beautiful Solange at a funeral following the suicide of a mutual friend. Bonded over their mutual loss, Solange convinces John to join her overseas as the videographer for her pilot travel show. Though each city is filled with it's own style and flavor (and beautiful men), John can't help but catch on to the trouble that seems to follow Solange everywhere she goes. Suspecting that his travel companion isn't who she claims to be, John has to break away from her before he becomes another pawn in her sordid world.

And Then Came Lola
Ellen Seidler & Megan Siler (USA, 2009, 70 min.)

Time is running out, and Lola (Ashleigh Sumner) has only one chance to salvage a job and save her relationship with new girlfriend, Casey (3Way's Jill Bennett). Wait...make that three chances! With the fast-paced, colorful, fragmented style of the epic German film Run Lola Run, this time-bending tale chronicles the tempestuous journey of a commitment-phobic photographer, Lola. Typically immune to the lesbian ways of the U-Haul, Lola discovers that she might have finally found someone worth slowing down for. An exhilarating climax and a pumping pop/rock lesbian soundtrack make And Then Came Lola an incredibly fun-filled romantic comedy.

Hollywood, je t'aime
Jason Bushman (USA & France, 2009, 98 min.)

Handsome, Adrien Brody look-alike Jerome has had it with his life in France. His relationship with his boyfriend has just ended and his life is stalled. After a bit of California dreamin,' Jerome decides to abruptly say goodbye to Paris and take a shot on his acting dreams by moving to Hollywood. Once there, it doesn't take long for Jerome to find that life in Hollywood is not quite what he expected. The charming Hollywood, je t'aime animates the desires of all the lost souls who go to Hollywood to run from the past and to make their dreams come true.

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