Reeling Film Festival Schedule: Monday

Training Rules
Dee Mosbacher & Fawn Yacker (USA, 2009, 61 min.)

Long considered one of the last bastions of homophobia and discrimination against gays and lesbians, collegiate sports has maintained its own quiet, don't-ask-don't-tell policy. For decades, being out was either not an option, or was frowned upon as damaging to the team dynamic. Pennsylvania State University head women's basketball coach, Rene Portland, enforced strict policies of conduct under the guise that such rules made for great players: no drinking, no drugs...and no lesbians. Through fear and intimidation, Portland systematically wrecked the careers of talented female basketball players, with the victims left powerless to fight back...until now. Also showing, Claiming the Title: Gay Olympics on Trial (Jonathan Joiner & Robert H. Martin, USA, 2009, 29 min.). In 1982, an athletic group tried to hold a "Gay Olympics," instigating what would ultimately beco

What Could Have Been

These short films from around the world depict the beauty--and more often than not, the pain--of falling in love with a close friend. Whether it's the agony of watching the object of your affection pine over someone else, precious time that flies by too quickly, or not being able to express the longing in your heart, the young men in these shorts understand the sorrow of a bittersweet separation. Night-time Butterflies (Tamir Hod, Israel, 2009), Sunshine Sparkling In My Eyes (Stéphane Botti, France, 2009), Raw Love (Amor Crudo) (Martín Deus and Juan Chappa, Argentina, 2008), Good Journey (Bon Voyage) (Pablo Ochoa, France, 2009), Shotgun (Ronny Hirschmann, Israel, 2007). Total: 86 min.

Mr. Right
David Morris & Jacqui Morris (UK, 2006, 86 min.)

If you like quick wit and hot Brits, Mr. Right is right for you! Seasoned swish fish Louise fears the guy she is seeing might be gay, so she enlists the help of her gay boyfriends--William, Alex, and Tom--to uncover the truth. But, they all have their own issues to deal with. William's 9-year-old daughter doesn't want daddy to date. Alex is living with his unhappy-with-life boyfriend, Harry. Tom's man, Larrs, has a roving eye and hits on Harry. When Alex and Harry have a dinner party, the entire lot is exposed to an awkward and hilarious gathering.

Passport to Gayland

The wide world of gay comes to Chicago with films from India to New Zealand, with themes as diverse as their countries of origin. In these mixed shorts, a chef wants to do more than cook in the kitchen, a swimmer circumvents fate, and a stuffed animal earns its frequent flier miles. You Can't Curry Love (Reid Waterer, USA & India, 2009), Teddy (Christopher Banks, New Zealand, 2009), Every Other Weekend (Tim Slade, Australia, 2007), Scene 3: Daniel and Alex (Andrea Östlund, Sweden), The Chef's Letter (Sybil Mair, U.K., 2008), The Golden Pin (Cuong Ngo, Canada, 2009). Total: 93 min.

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