Kathy Griffin WILL pose for pictures

Victoria Lamarr and Kathy Griffin

Great news for all you Kathy Griffin fans.  I just got an email from the VP Deputy Director of Publicity for Ballantine/Bantam, The Random House Publishing Group who told me that she WILL pose for pictures with you at her book signing tomorrow night unlike what I reported earlier.

The nice Deputy who explained that:

As with her previous book signing events, Ms. Griffin will allow photographs to be taken at the event.  Due to the extreme popularity of Kathy Griffin, guidelines about personalization and number of copies are being implemented to insure that as many people as possible can get a book signed and meet Ms. Griffin.

Well I think that's just fabulous because she wants to meet as many people as possible, and I'm lucky the Deputy didn't slap the cuffs on me (although that might have been fun).  So don't forget to head down to Borders on Michigan Avenue tomorrow night to meet Kathy, have her sign your book and take pictures with you!  Make sure the battery in your camera is charged you won't want to miss it.

Oh yeah, and when you do get a chance to talk with her, ask her if it's true that she's going to be at the National Equality Rally in Chicago at Daley Plaza on Sunday.  It would be amazing to get her support and she would get even more gratitude from the gays if she showed up.

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