How Chicago could have made the games 'their own'

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Well, since it's official that Chicago isn't getting the 2016 Olympic Games, I was wondering - how Chicago could have put their spin on the games?

Chicago always has to put its own spin on things, we can't do it the same way as everyone else does, we have to do it Our Way.  Whether it's pizza, hotdogs or a green river.  Even if our way isn't the best way we'll say that we do it better than anyone else.  Which got me to thinking that Chicago could really put it's spin on the games by reviving some of the games from years gone by - and make them gay!

It seems that for all the current Summer games that are played there are just as many that have been "retired," and some without a good reason.  So I'm suggesting that we gay up the 2016 games by bringing those games out of retirement.

For example, we could unretire Basque Pelota.  WTF is Basque Pelota?  Well according to Wikipedia it was played in only one Olympic games ever, the 1900 Summer Games in Paris, France - which means it's ripe for a comeback.  Although it's got a fabulous name, you're probably more familiar with it as Jai Alaia.  Which only seems to be played in Florida and people bet on it, like they do the ponies or the dogs.  Honestly though if you think about it, wouldn't you mind chasing some hotties around the court with a huge wicker basket tied to your arm tossing balls at each other.

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Oooh...we could ressurect Croquet which again was only ever played at the '00 Summer Games - what was up with those Paris games?  A different version of the game Roque - croquet but on a hard surface instead of grass - was played in the 1904 games, but none since!  Can't you just see it now, guys crouched over croquet balls with rackets in hand knocking someones balls way off course!

The one summer game they do need to bring back though is Rugby, there are some hot men that play rugby!  Rugby is the most popular sport everywhere except in America - go figure?  Heck you'd probably be able to fill Solider Field a few times over with gay guys if they had rugby!

But I think the game that would really define the 2016 games would be to resurrect Jeu de paume, a game that was, again, only played once during the 1908 Games in London.  Jeu de paume was a French game that eventually became Tennis but was played with bare hands, and the gays could dominate because you know we've got some good wrist action.

Maybe that's why Chicago didn't get the games, they want to play the same old games that everyone else played and didn't want to put their own spin on it, what do you think?


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  • could have played Kabaddi. In that game, originally from Pakistan, the goal of the game is to run onto your opponent's side of the court and stay there as long as you can while holding your breath.

  • Need something distinctive, such as
    ---John Quarters Boyle quarter plinking into beer glasses.
    ---Eat a spider competition.
    ---Scottish pole hurling, using railroad ties.
    ---Flaming minivan races.
    ---articulated bus demo derby (someone found a video of one in England, and we have the surplus articulated buses).
    ---blowing up the most tenements overlooking the L, and the having a dry toast eating contest.

    The possibilities are endless.

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