Halloween on Halsted starts earlier this year


Don't you dare miss Halloween on Halsted this year - because it's starting early!

Since Halloween is on a Saturday this year, they've decided to get the party started earlier than normal.  The 13th Annual North Halsted Halloween Parade steps OFF at 6PM this year.

Last year was my first year in the parade and I had an amazing time with those crazy boys from Feast of Fun as we dressed up like Panadas.  This year is going to be ever more over the top as we attempt to recreate the monsters from  Where The Wild Things Are

The parade tyipcally starts later (usually around 7:30) so make sure that you remember to get there early enough to get a good place to stand and enjoy the whole days worth of events.

Start at the Center on Halsted from 1-3PM for fun games like bobbing for apples, musical chairs and other fun games.  Then head down Halsted and do some adult "trick or treating" at the businesses that line the street.

Parade registration starts at 4PM at Spin - 800 W Belmont.  The Parade will step off at 6PM from Belmont and Halsted and ends in the 7-Eleven Parking Lot with the contest hosted by Miss Foozie.

Check out all the Parade details here

Stick around Boystown after the parade because many of the bars are having contests for the best costumes - if you've got a good enough costume you have the chance to win some great prizes!


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