The Friday Roundup

Here are few news articles that I came across this weekend and wanted to share with you:

An insurance company was fined $10MM for rescinding a man's policy when they found out he was HIV+

Last week the 9/12ers had a protest in Washington, they said 2MM people came, it was really around 60-70K, how do those numbers compare?

A 16-year old girls plea to let her two dads get married and telling us what marriage really is.

Just in time for Rosh Hashanah here's Twitteleh


Tired of choosing which public restroom to use?  Go Genderless on Saturday.

You know the 7 Deadly Sins, well here's how they look mapped out across the US.  Surprising who likes what!

Social networking sites in Ghana are being used to trap, blackmail and even kill gay men.

You thought a book was out of print?  Not anymore, Google now has print on demand for thousands of out of print books.

2/3rds of gay men have had an HIV test, which mean a third of you still haven't. When was the last time you had one?

Are gay twin pornstars doing each other too much to handle?

Catholics in Maine would rather shut down their churches than let the gays get married.

First the Ukraine told Elton John he couldn't have a baby and now Uruguay is taking another look at the recently passed law to let gays adopt.

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