The Friday Roundup

It's time again for The Friday Roundup, links galore to stories that are strange, interesting and informative!
I wonder what it would be like if Harry Potter was gay?
News has it that Obama will be in San Francisco when we're knocking on his door in Washington in October.
Copyright filtering is copyright infringement, now put back the soundtrack to my Miley Cyrus video.
Better watch out if you're in the closet, Facebook is gonna out you.
Are you going to the National Equality March?  Take the bus, it's only a hundred bucks for round-trip transportation.
Faster peripherals are on their way with USB 3
Suddenly everyone knows what makes you gay, the Mormons say it's Satan a Senators Chief of Staff says it's porn - who's right?
The core of the Galaxy seen like never before.
Netflix is getting smarter, pretty soon you won't even have to add movies to your queue, it'll do it for you.
Don't bring that new iPod Nano video into the locker room!
Check out these failed pranks before you try your next one.
An amazing view of a pinwheel galaxy.
It was Frodo and Bilbo's birthday this week, did you send presents?
Huge spiders are milked for their silk to produce golden scarf.
And here you thought your office space was cramped.
Who knew that Gay Marriage led to Socialism, well this Iowa Representive knows.
Are you a leftie?  Have problems getting it out of your pants?  Help is here.
Rookie NY Yankees really are "Friends of Dorothy"

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