Part-time cross-dressers require full-time ID at Hunters Nightclub


Photo Credit:Lisa Sanderson via Flickr

Hunters Nightclub has instituted a radical new ID policy for it's cross-dressing patrons!
Hunters Nightclub, the Elk Grove gay bar popular with cross-dressers, is now requiring all that enter the club to have an ID that matches their "gender presentation" based on an article over on the Chicago Tribune.
Nightclub owners recently became aware that cross-dressing prostitutes were posting ads on Craigslist insinuating that they were hanging out at Hunters and were available for "service."  Hunters, feeling that their liquor license may be in jeopardy by being linked to prostitution is now requiring that those who enter the bar posess a valid photo ID that matches their "gender presentation."
This is causing an uproar amongst the patrons, many of whom only cross-dress on the weekends and don't live full-time as a woman.  The club may be getting itself further into trouble because the ACLU is saying that since the club is selectively enforcing this rule for only a portion of its patrons they're breaking the Illinois Human Rights Act.
I remember a time in the not so distant past when you could walk into a gay bar and not bother flashing an ID - as long as you looked old enough to be there.  Several years ago, ALL of the gay bars started cracking down on id checks, I don't know if there was a sudden push by the police or what, but now you  can't get into a bar without an ID.  But all you have to do is prove that you're 21 to get in.  Heck I've even been turned away from my local watering hole when one of our party (an out of town visitor) didn't have his ID on him, but it wasn't because he was wearing a dress and looked like a woman.
But seriously, a bar requiring that a patron has a picture ID that matches the image that they're currently "presenting" makes no sense at all.  What are they going to do during Halloween?  What happens if you get a really butch lesbian; or a really femmy guy and their picture doesn't quite look like them?
What are they going to start requiring next...a weight check?  Will they have a scale at the door where you have to stand and verify that the weight on your ID matches your current weight?  If that happens then I'll never be able to go to another gay bar ever again.


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  • maybe next they'll just start testing fingerprints. that'd be fucked up.

  • Gender outlaws! That rule will last about a hot minute as a good portion of their clientele is trans.

  • Those tranny hookers should have bribed the bartenders, now they ruined it for everyone! I doubt this policy will stay this way for long.

  • I'm not sure this is such a bad idea. Having ID that matches what you look like would probably just help the line move faster and be kinda cool to get and ID matching how you prefer to look!

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