No baby for Elton John

The interwebs were abuzz this morning with news that Sir Elton John had changed his mind on adoption after visiting a Ukranian hospital for children infected with HIV.
Elton John married his partner David Furnish in 2005 in one of the UK's first legal civil unions, but the Ukraine is saying they don't recognize homosexual marriage  The country's Family, Youth and Sports Minister Yuriy Pavlenko told the Associated Press "...that adoptive parents must be married and Ukraine does not recognize homosexual unions as marriage."
He went on to say "Foreign citizens who are single have no right to adopt children ... and the age difference between the adopter and the child cannot be more than 45 years," Pavlenko said. "The law is the same for everybody: for a president, for a minister, for Elton John." 
What do you think about gay celebrities adopting babies?

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