Mirror Mirror on the wall: Who has the biggest one of all?


This banana isn't quite 6.5" (not including the stem)

Well Kanye West proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the biggest dick in the world at the VMA Awards this past weekend, but Manhunt has narrowed it down to tell us where we can find biggest dicks in US.
Manhunt, (link is NSFW) if you're not familiar, is an online gay chat/hookup site where gay men can post profiles, pictures and interact with other gay men.  On the profile portion of Manhunt you enter your vital statistics, you know: height, weight, hair color, how often you go to the gym and of course the size of your penis.
Manhunt culled through their extensive profiles - which I'm sure are millions, considering they've branched out Europe, Latin America and Australia - and narrowed in on the penis question to find out what state in the US claims to have the biggest members.
Now, any of us that have been on the "online chat rooms" knows that everyone lies there, I mean how many times have guys professed to have a foot long but when you arrive it's more like a vienna sausage - right?  So take the following with a grain of salt.
According to Manhunt, the men in the District of Columbia lead the pack of liars with an average self-report penis size of 7.59", the rest of the top ten are:
1. District of Columbia - 7.59"
2. New York - 7.5"
3. California - 7.45"
4. Florida - 7.44"
5. Kentucky - 7.42"
6. Georgia - 7.41"
7. North Carolina - 7.39"
8. Pennsylvania - 7.39"
9. Rhode Island - 7.38"
10. Minnesota - 7.34"
Where is Illinois in all this?  We're #12 with an average self-reported 7.31".  
Interesting that Washington DC has the biggest schlongs, I mean they are the best liars right?  Surprisingly though, Alaska is all the way at the end with a self-reported 6.34" which means they're either telling the truth or if they are lying then they're a lot smaller than that. Really though, all this shows is that all men are a bunch of liars...when's the last time you really came face-to-face with a 7 1/2" man steak?

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  • I think it would be really interesting to get real data on this and compare it to the Manhunt statistics to see what states are most guilty of exaggeration... I'm sure D.C., NY, and California would again be in the top 3.

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