Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' movie trailer


Tickets are going on sale at the Official Site a full month in advance to build the anticipation. Do you plan on going to see this movie when it's released on October 28?  The movie is only going to be in theaters for 2 weeks.....what's to be made of that?  Are they pulling the old Disney routine of "putting it in the vault" to artificially inflate the hype?


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  • I've been trying to decide if I want to see this or not. The trailer makes it seem exceptional, but then again trailers can make weddings seem epically exciting.

    I mean a feature film of rehearsal footage? I think it just seems sort of forced. It probably just should have been released to fans on MJ's website.

  • In reply to JoshReichlin:

    Funny - when you sign up for the email reminder to let you know when tickets go on sale, there's a checkbox that says "Please notify me on news about the Michael Jackson's This is it on Blu-Ray and DVD."

  • You can always purchase your ticket online in advance, so that'll cut down on some of the line waiting.

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