Man liberates future girlfriend from life as a sex slave


Photo Credit:kingstonist via Flickr

An as yet unidentified Ohio man was driven to a life of crime recently when he liberated a blowup doll from an Ohio store that specializes in adult toys, by driving through the store.
The man drove a purple Dodge Neon through the front doors of an AdultMart in Vermillion, OH (about halfway between Columbus and Cleveland) and grabbed a $150 blow up doll before driving through the other side of the store to exit.  Interestingly enough, the culprit knew what he was doing because after he drove through the store he ran directly to the kiosk that contained his new found love.  
He must have really been in love with that babe, because he initially picked up a $300 doll and threw her to the wayside to go with her cheaper (and probably skankier) sister.  Perhaps he had a preference for blondes over redheads, who knows?
It's only a matter of time before the guy is caught because there i surveillance footage from the stores security cameras - and someone made a video.

Yep, he knew right where he was going didn't he?  No second thought there at all.  He must have had lube at home because once he found his ravishing beauty he just jumps back in that car and heads on out.

The police are reporting that he caused more than $20,000 in damage - to grab a $150 sex toy.  Even though he covered his license plate, the big dummy left it sitting on his dashboard.  The police are hoping that they'll be able to enhance the video and find this sticky fingered criminal before he tries to liberate other sex toys from the surrounding AdultMarts.

I wonder if he'll get jail time for that?  How would you like to explain to the other inmates why you're there?  "Oh me, well I drove through a sex store to liberate my girlfriend that was trapped inside a cardboard box."

If you think blowing up one of those dolls is easy, then you need to check this out:

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