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Here you thought it was all about length didn't you?  And considering last weeks report that had Washington DC in the lead with the biggest schlongs, the folks over at Manhunt Daily Blog weren't content to leave that topice alone.

Now Manhunt has taken to it's vast repository of self-reported data to see if they could determine which state has the biggest girth.

People have been saying for the longest time that it's not the size of the ocean that matters, but the motion in that ocean; but really it is all about girth versus length. 

Last week we found out that the folks up there in Alaska had the shortest schlongs with a mere 6.34" but they're in the middle of the pack now, at #27 with a self-reported girth of a respectable 5.12" so I guess they're as tall as they are around up there in alaska - sorta like a fire plug.

Sadly, Wyoming is the bottom of the pack this time with only 4.33" around, which really sucks for them because they're next to last in length as well - hey isn't Wyoming where Brokeback Mountain was staged?  I guess that's why they didn't need lube up there in the mountains.

Click through to find out where Illinois sits in the rankings

In regards to length, Illinois was #12 just missing out in the top 10 ranking but moved up to position #8 in regards to girth with a self-reported 5.31"

So who's got the thickest schlong of them all?  Here's the top 10:

1 - Hawaii - 5.72"
2 - Montana - 5.57"
3 - New York - 5.47"
4 - District of Columbia - 5.39"
5 - North Dakota - 5.35"
6 - California - 5.35"
7 - South Carolina - 5.33"
8 - Illinois - 5.31"
9 - West Virginia - 5.31"
10 - Arizona - 5.3"

Check out the full list here

So based on your research do you agree with the findings?  Does Illinois belong in the top 10 of the thickest of the thick?

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