I'm going to the National Equality March - are you?



Over the weekend I stopped stalling and bought my bus tickets from Join the Impact to go to the National Equality March in Washington DC on October 11th.

I'm going because I think that it's time that we all stand up for what should be equal rights for anyone.  The last time I read the Constitution it still said that I was covered under the 14th Amendment, and I am not second class citizen.

Don't you think that the LGBT community deserves the same rights as anyone else who is a US citizen?  The National Equality March on Washington is your chance to have your voice heard. 

Full equality necessarily includes all members of the LGBT community and encompasses, but is not limited to:

•  The right to work our jobs and go to school free of harassment and discrimination.
•  The right to safety in our daily lives, and protection from hate crimes.
•  The right to equitable healthcare, and the right to donate blood.
•  The right to equitable immigration policies.
•  The right to marry.
•  The right to serve in the military openly.

It wasn't that long ago that the LGBT community had no rights, if you don't believe me then go rent Milk, 30 years ago was not that long ago! 

So, what are you doing on 10/11/09?


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  • I agree - it IS important, and things don't change just because you want them to... you have to ACTIVELY make them happen!

    This isn't just something you are doing for yourself or for the LGBT community, it something we ALL have to do for society in general - to move EVERYONE forward.

    Society becomes a better place when EVERYONE is accepted for who they are - it just now happens to be OUR turn to move that idea a little further!

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